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      State and Regional Affiliates

      While APHA is the national voice on public health, it could not succeed without the complementary efforts of its Affiliates. Since 1918, APHA’s 53 state and regional public health associations have championed the same goals as APHA to promote, protect and advocate for the public's health. APHA Affiliates are independently established and have their own infrastructure, policies, processes and procedures. Each year, APHA Affiliates participate, implement and advocate on behalf of various public health issues through:

      • Annual meetings
      • Program development
      • Continuing education
      • Professional development
      • Advocating on behalf of good state public health policy and legislation

      APHA Affiliates: Encourage your organization to join APHA and take advantage of deep APHA membership discounts for your employees. (PDF)

      Staff contact for Affiliates: APHA Affiliate Affairs Department

      Lindsey Wahowiak, Director, 202-777-2508

      Vacant, Program Manager

      More about Affiliates