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      Member Sections


      Sections are the primary professional units of the Association and conduct activities that promote the mission and fulfill the goals of APHA. Sections create a variety of opportunities for member involvement, making the APHA experience richer for those who choose to interact with their Sections.

      APHA has 32 Sections that represent major public health disciplines or public health programs. These Sections allow members with shared interests to come together to develop scientific program content and policy papers in their areas of interest or fields of practice, and they provide for professional and social networking, career development and mentoring.

      To be an active Section member, an individual must have a current membership in APHA. Anyone who is a member of APHA may become a member of two Sections.

      APHA Sections

      Aging and Public Health

      International Health

      Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs


      Applied Public Health Statistics

      Maternal and Child Health

      Chiropractic Health Care

      Medical Care

      Community Health Planning and Policy Development

      Mental Health

      Community Health Workers

      Occupational Health and Safety


      Oral Health




      Physical Activity


      Podiatric Health

      Food and Nutrition

      Public Health Education and Health Promotion

      Health Administration

      Public Health Nursing

      Health Informatics Information Technology

      Public Health Social Work


      School Health Education and Services

      Injury Control and Emergency Health Services

      Sexual and Reproductive Health

      Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices

      Vision Care

      For more information on APHA Sections, contact Caitlin Sarlo and Frances Atkinson