Achieving Health Equity with Inclusive Interdisciplinary Walk/Move Audits

Webinar //


Jul 24 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST


Join national and local leaders in a virtual conversation about their interdisciplinary research and advocacy-based perspectives to create inclusive, walkable and moveable (i.e., where everyone can move freely) communities. The webinar will address spatial privilege and tools for inclusion using reflective listening, community scholarship and lived experience to navigate the conversation.



  • Charles Brown, Rutgers University
  • Mark Fenton, Tufts University
  • Will Fraser, Clean Air Council
  • Fran Fulton, Disability Rights Advocate
  • Karin Korb, Lakeshore Foundation
  • Jana Lynott, AARP Public Policy Institute
  • Latoya Maddox, Liberty Resources
  • April Murdock, Disability & LGBTQ Activist
  • Dot Nary, University of Kansas
  • Nick Zuwiala-Rogers, Clean Air Council

Questions? contact the Montana Disability & Health Program at 406-444-2744, email or visit

This webinar will be recorded and archived with a transcript. Real-time captioning will be provided. Please request other reasonable accommodations by July 21, 2020.