Revealing the Racial Harms of Public Education and the School to Prison Pipeline

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Aug 18 2020, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST


Part 3 of RYSE and Trauma Transformed's Racial Reckoning Series. This session will feature Tia Martinez, JD, a nationally recognized researcher, strategist, policy analyst, and advocate for community led and community organizing efforts to advance racial, gender, and economic justice, including dismantling the school to prison pipeline.


Please note this session is not a time or space to debate whether racism or white supremacy exists within public education. This is a space to reckon and reflect on how white supremacy, anti-blackness, and class oppression pervade every aspect of public education. It is a space to be in the practice of reckoning, with differentiated roles and tasks for White people, for Black people, and Non-Black People of Color.  Participants should be prepared to learn, feel challenged, incited and inspired.

Questions? Contact Kanwarpal Dhaliwal.

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