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    1. Public Health Resources

      Health Equity

      New APHA report — Creating the Healthiest Nation: Health & Housing Equity

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      APHA Webinars

      Exclusively for APHA Members

      Tap into this APHA member benefit that brings you hot topics and career advice.

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      Continuing Education

      Continuing Education Program

      Want to earn CE credits for medicine, nursing, health education or public health? We can help!

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      Public Health Events

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      Public Health Event

      The State of Black and Brown America

      Date: Sep 10 2020 EST

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      Public Health Event

      A Just Recovery: How Climate Change Impacts Health

      Date: Sep 14 2020 EST

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      Public Health CareerMart

      Find great new opportunities in public health today

      APHA Advocacy in Action

      Want to help create the healthiest nation in one generation?


      Speak out for meaningful change through the Speak for Health campaign.


      Read the APHA and coalition letters.

      About APHA

      APHA champions the health of all people and all communities. We are the only organization that combines a nearly 150-year perspective, a broad-based member community and the ability to influence policy to improve the public's health.

      AJPH - Current Issue

      OCTOBER 2020

      AJPH cover woman in wheelchair

      This issue features a special dossier on what lessons we can learn 15 years after the impact of Hurricane Katrina, including public health system responses and emergencies preparedness strategies that can help inform current efforts to combat COVID-19.

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