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      Climate Change



      "We're committed to making sure the nation knows about the effects of climate change on health. If anyone doesn't think this is a severe problem, they are fooling themselves."
      -- APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, in The Washington Post



      From exposure to extreme weather and heat waves to worsening air pollution and the spread of insect-borne disease — climate change is a health emergency. That’s why APHA has signed on to the Climate, Health, and Equity Policy Action Agenda with more than 150 health organizations to protect the health and safety of all people in the U.S.

      APHA Action Alert: Tell Congress to protect the public's health from climate change

      Meet the APHA Center for Climate, Health and Equity's inaugural advisory board.

      Read about the connections between COVID-19 and climate change on APHA's Public Health Newswire.

      New climate-relevant COVID-19 resources 

      More resources

      Fact sheets on energy justice (Special thanks to Partnership for Southern Equity for their thoughtful review):

      Parent & Educator Toolkit from APHA's Children's Environmental Health Committee

      Fact sheets on the health impacts of climate change (all are PDFs):

      Alaska | California | Midwest | Northeast | Northern Great Plains | Southeast | Southern Great Plains | Southwest

      Our factsheet template and guides will help you create maps and find data to populate your location-specific factsheet:

      Factsheet template (DOC) | Generating Environmental Health Maps (PDF) | Generating Climate Change Maps (PDF)

      More about climate change

      Check out the winners of APHA's Student Champions for Climate Justice awards. Five U.S. college and university student groups were awarded support to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on health equity.

      Listen to the American Shoreline Podcast's episode featuring APHA's Surili Sutaria Patel on about climate justice and public health.

      APHA is proud to support our partners' creation of powerful new resources and tools like ecoAmerica's Moving Forward Toolkit: A Guide for Health Professionals to Build Momentum on Climate Action and Healthcare Without Harm's Energy and Health Impact Calculator.

      APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity leads public health efforts to inspire action on climate and health, advance policy and galvanize the field to address climate change. To stay current on the Center's activities and opportunities, sign up for our newsletter.

      Follow the conversation online using the hashtag #ClimateChangesHealth

      Questions? Please contact our climate change team or reach out on Twitter to @EH_4_All.


      APHA’s Georges Benjamin talks climate change and health on the Healthcare Policy Podcast

      APHA’s Surili Sutaria Patel talks climate justice and health equity on the American Shoreline Podcast

      Climate Change Webinars

      Also of interest:

      Climate change sessions at the 2018 APHA Annual Meeting and Expo in San Diego (PDF)
      Year of Climate Change and Health Calendar of Events (PDF)
      Climate change sessions at the 2017 APHA Annual Meeting and Expo in Atlanta (PDF)
      Climate Change sessions at the 2016 APHA Annual Meeting in Denver (PDF)
      Climate Change sessions at the 2015 APHA Annual Meeting in Chicago (PDF)

      Missed some of these sessions? You can purchase presentation recordings here!


      Climate Change Fact Sheets 

      Health and Climate Resource Guide (PDF)

      Adaptation in Action: Updated Grantee Success Stories from CDC's Climate and Health Program, Part II (2018) (PDF)

      From The Nation's Health

      From Public Health Newswire:

      Climate Change, Health, and Equity: A Guide for Local Health Departments (PDF)

      APHA among groups disappointed in proposal to revoke Clean Power Plan (APHA news release)

      Learn about New York State's efforts, highlighted in this story from the field: Successfully Preparing for Climate Change in New York State

      Health Approaches to Climate Change: How do health care providers and public health professionals approach climate change differently? (PDF)

      Infographic: How Climate Change Affects Your Health 

      Adaptation in Action: Grantee Success Stories from CDC's Climate and Health Program (2015) (PDF) 

      Climate Change: Mastering the Public Health Role, A Practical Guidebook (PDF)

      Get the Facts: Transportation, Climate Change and Public Health (PDF)

      Webinar series on climate and health

      2019 Declaration on Climate Change and Health (PDF)

      APHA policy statement: Public Health Opportunities to Address the Health Effects of Climate Change




      Fact sheets on Climate Change

      estreme heat

      ECO Bookworms

      The Pout-Pout Fish Cleans Up the Ocean book cover with two fish putting trash in a can

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